Each year the Summerland Chamber of Commerce holds its Business and Community Excellence Awards Gala, celebrating individuals and businesses who have contributed to the fabric and growth of our community. Their entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and best business practices are to be commended.

    With fifteen separate categories, including Best Business and Citizen of the Year, the Summerland Chamber of Commerce seeks to recognize those who have helped move our community and economic vision forward. 

    80th Annual Business & Community Excellence Awards Schedule:

    January 5: Nominations open 

    January 25: Nominations close

    February 2: Nominees Reception (Arena Banquet Hall, 5:00pm - 7:00pm)

    February 7th: Voting Opens 

    February 20: Voting Closes

    March 3rd:  80th Annual Summerland Business & Community Excellence Awards (Centre Stage Theatre, 7:00pm - 11:00pm)

  • Award winners pose for a photo at the 79th Annual Business & Community Award Ceremony on March 11, 2017.

  • Nominees take a group photo at the 79th Annual Award Nominee reception on February 11, 2017.

  • To see a list of 2016 award winners and nominees click here.

  • 2018 AwardS

    Business Awards

    Business of the Year Award sponsored by the Summerland Credit Union

    The economic health of Summerland is dependent upon the entrepreneurial spirit of our business community. This award recognizes an exceptional Summerland business whose commitment to overall best business practice, customer service, employee relations, superior marketing and social media strategies, and positive public image leads the way and sets an example within our business community. This business is a well respected leader in our community.

    2018 Nominees

    8th Generation Vineyard
    8th Generation Vineyard is one of Summerland’s busiest tourist destinations, especially with their beautiful tasting room, just off of the highway. They continue to be involved in numerous community groups while also participating in Bottleneck Drive events such as the Grand Sommelier Express.

    ABK Restoration Services Ltd. 
    Now in its 27th year of business, ABK Restoration Services shows real dedication to the community and all of its residents with caring service while repairing their damaged homes. The business is very supportive of various local charities and organizations including CritterAid, Neighbourlink and Giants Head Grind among others.

    Alder Street Autobody
    Alder Street Auto has been setting the standard in customer service, business standards and value for service for years. Kelsey and his team make a real difference in people’s lives when they help them through a claim whether it be an inconvenience, or a trauma for the customer. They treat ever customer like family, and every vehicle likes it’s their own.

    Bead Trails Experience 
    Bead Trails Experience has grown exponentially in its 7 years in business. Acting as a tourism promoter for the entire Okanagan region, Karen and her team are consistently expanding into new businesses and regions, providing a better experience for their customers and stimulating the local economy from their great new downtown location!

    Maple Roch Pure Canadian Maple Syrup  
    Maple Roch Pure Canadian Maple Syrup is manufactured and produced right here in Summerland, with raw materials shipped in from all over Canada. Their new downtown location has helped them increase production and create a new level of sales. Roch Fortin and his team have recently begun expanding into international markets and expanding their product base by partnering with other local businesses.

    Summerland District Credit Union
    Summerland & District Credit Union is a community-minded local business that is here for the long haul. Credit Union staff, management and board members actively support a wide variety of community initiatives. As one of the larger employers in Summerland, the Credit Union plays a vital role in the local economy.

    Summerland Gold and Silver Exchange
    Summerland Gold and Silver Exchange has been a successful business for over 5 years, located in downtown Summerland, supporting local artisans and charities, stocking superior products, and leading the charge with excellence in customer service.

    Swiss Solar Tech Ltd.   
    Swiss Solar Tech is now celebrating its 17th year in the sustainable energy industry, and is always looking to improve and expand their business. They are well recognized, having installing some of the largest solar water and thermal heating systems throughout the province and Canada. They strive to improve efficiency and improve upon their already high sustainability status.

    Yaki’s Pizza and Subs
    Yaki’s Pizza and Subs has been in business for over 25 years, delivering excellent food and customer service. The owners Mike and Aura are supportive of the community, often donating to many clubs and the Summerland Food Bank.

    Zia’s Stonehouse Restaurant
    Zia’s Stonehouse Restaurant has been a pillar to the community and a striving business for 20 years. The restaurant features an amazing atmosphere featuring high quality service where you are treated like one of the family. The introduction of Jazz Night was a great addition to be enjoyed by everyone.

    Rising Star/New Business Award
    sponsored by RBC Royal Bank

    This award recognizes a business that has been operating for less than two years. The business has demonstrated strong potential via growth, innovation, and leadership during the first years of operation. Additionally, the business has demonstrated a culture of risk-taking and trailblazing and has positioned itself to achieve similar successes in the future.

    2018 Nominees

    Angella Dykstra Chartered Professional Accountant
    Angella opened up her own accounting practice with very specific goals in mind that she is achieving on a daily basis. She is excited to invite other professionals to join in her space, and obtaining her real estate license designation helps her to better serve her clients.

    Antlers Surf
    Bryan and Susie have worked exceptionally hard at creating a brand that is made locally and eco-friendly. They are the first, and only, manufacturer of stand-up paddle boards in the Okanagan, and have created a line of clothing that is all sourced ethically and locally - and sold online, at their Summerland shop and at local markets. They support many local organizations, and are working hard to become one of the first zero-waste board manufacturers.

    The Chalk House
    The Chalk House is a great new addition to downtown Summerland this year, specializing in refurbished furniture and Christian décor. Owner Cassidi Wagner moved her family and business to Summerland last year from Red Deer, where she won the best new business award. She is always making new items to add to her store, featuring many unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

    Detonate Brewing Company
    Many locals and visitors were thrilled that Summerland would be getting its’ very own craft brewery. Owner Nathan Rosin started the company small, but has started to expand and offer tasting room hours for everyone to try out the latest batch that’s been brewed, always leaving them wanting more.

    Giants Head Barbershop
    After many years of wanting to open her own barbershop, Donna Bunes decided Summerland would be the perfect place to do it. Since her opening in September, she has received many return clients for her personal and professional service.

    Koncept Kalifornia
    Koncept Kalifornia has brought sporting goods and bicycle service to the downtown core with exceptional customer service. This store will brighten the day of many youth, especially with the introduction of a youth development cycling program in the spring. Highly motivated and knowledgeable, the store is great at promoting a healthy lifestyle for young and old alike.

    Mountain View Landscape Supplier
    Andrew Sedawie started his business from a love of operating heavy machinery and serving the community that he has been a part of for many years. He purchased a small excavator to better fulfill client requests, and often partners with other local business if the job requires a bit heavier lifting. Andrew is very generous and donates to local clubs and organizations, and you will often find him assisting seniors with snow removal.

    Nomad Cider
    In just two years, Nomad has established a reputation for an outstanding, quality cider. Their desire to create an authentic product with local flavour, has set them apart from the other cideries in the Okanagan. The high demand of their product is proof itself, of their success.

    Rustic and Refined
    Rustic and Refined is a very welcome addition to downtown, and Lisa Hallquist has even more to offer then her already spectacular retail store. She offers workshops and classes so that locals can learn how to upcycle their very own items, helping bring out the artist and crafter in everyone.

    Union Kitchen Inc.
    Brad and Lindsay brought a wonderful new dining experience to downtown Summerland when they opened Union Kitchen, offering high quality, delicious and healthy locally sourced food. The menu is always changing, and the atmosphere is similar to that of your home, cozy and welcoming. They always offer incredible customer service, and are incredibly generous and supportive of the community

    Yvonne Whiting, Notary Public
    Yvonne shines in her professionalism when it comes to her diverse range of clients. She is diligent and thorough, to the point where she has caught some not-so-glaring errors. She is meticulous in her work, while also being personable and engaging with her different clients. 

    Sustainability Leader Award
    sponsored by Summergate Winery 


    The Sustainability Leader Award recognizes any business that operates in an environmentally responsible manner and/or produces a product that reduces natural resource consumption, supports local community and supports the local economy. This award celebrates excellence in green practice, strategy and products, seeking out the most innovative, ambitious and effective initiatives by Summerland businesses for achieving environmental sustainability, and implementing smart business practice.

    2018 Nominees

    Ogopogo Tours
    Summerland’s Ogopogo Tours offers Award-Winning Sustainable Sightseeing and Wine Tours. In addition to customer service excellence, they are dedicated to reducing their consumption, emissions and waste by using the "Right-Size" vehicle, including the first hybrid tour vehicle in the Okanagan and the lowest emission 14 passenger van available. They are the First Certified Carbon Neutral Wine Tour Operator in Canada. Recognition for their achievements include Luxury Travel Guide Sustainable Tour Operator of the Year – Canada (2017) and Silver Award with Green Tourism Canada, for sustainable actions and community service.

    Swiss Solar Tech
    Incorporated in Summerland in 2001, Swiss Solar Tech always challenges the status quo, by looking beyond what-has-been-done and towards what can be done differently. Just some of their accomplishments include installing some of the largest solar water and thermal heating systems throughout the province and Canada. They are always looking for way to increase efficiency and improve upon their already high sustainability status.

    Technology and Innovation Excellence Award 
    sponsored by Accelerate Okanagan

    This award will be given to a business that has used science and/or technology to create a business concept that is new or unique, or has applied innovative improvements to existing processes, products, or services that enhance their business. 

    2018 Nominees

    ElectroMotion Energy
    ElectroMotion Energy designs, engineers and produces a unique combined cooling heat power (CCHP) electrical generation and software energy management system for residential homes, independent power needs and small-scale industrial development. The system has been named the Revolution and it replaces conventional heating, cooling and hot water systems with one complete unit.

    Swiss Solar Tech Ltd.
    Swiss Solar Tech offers a custom design solution for anyone looking to install more efficient ways of living and doing business. They have already installed many solar systems for local wineries throughout the region to help them reach their own sustainability goals. It is estimated that Swiss Solar Tech will save over 10,000 megawatts of energy every year through the widespread use of their technology.

    Award for Excellence in Agriculture
    sponsored by Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive Winery Association 

    This award will be presented to any business, including farms, that has made outstanding contributions to the advancement and or the promotion of the agricultural industry/Summerland's agricultural reputation.

    2018 Nominees

    Adrian Arts
    Adrian has only been in Summerland for a couple of years, but he has accomplished a lot in that time. With a Masters degree in Geology and a passion for the outdoors, he began his hand at farming, growing apples that made their way into high quality and premium stores. He has taken on many other responsibilities, taking on a small Asian pear orchard as well as a cherry block and can be found pruning, picking, stickering, packing and distributing his product.

    Giants Head Produce/Brarstar Orchards
    BGiants Head Produce is a local farm that features many varieties of fruit and spray-free vegetables. They have also recently planted a large pumpkin patch that has drawn many families to the orchards during fall. Owner Sukhdeep is very devoted to Summerland and plans to continue to promote the local agriculture industry, planting ground crop to provide locals with home grown, spray-free vegetables based on an honour system.

    Summerland Sweets
    Summerland Sweets always reminds visitors and locals of a pleasant memory. The experience of learning how the product is made, and then sampling the different types of syrups is something many take home with them, along with a jar of fresh jam, syrup or a bottle of fruit wine from Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery, which brings a whole new tasting experience to the business.

    Professional Services Excellence Award
    sponsored by Brown Benefits

    The Professional Services Excellence Award recognizes a professional in the community who has provided superior professional services to a client or customer. This company or business owner has exceeded the expectations of their clients. The professional represents a diverse group of Summerland businesses and can be defined as someone who has received specific training and specializes in a particular field.

    2018 Nominees

    ABK Restoration Services Ltd.
    ABK Restoration Services is a family operated business that employs locals, supports local businesses and demonstrates their family values to every customer and colleague. They continue to receive customer referrals year after year, taking pride in the work they do and helping neighbours get back into their home after a disaster.

    Beauty & the Brit
    Dianne of Beauty & the Brit offers cheerful and efficient spa services providing a peaceful setting and friendly and professional service. She regularly attends esthetics courses to upgrade her skills and has built a strong client base. Dianne donates to a large number of fundraising events and established the networking & information-sharing ‘Summerland Women Who Mean Business’ group.

    Chantelle Meriam/Retha Marsden – Edward Jones
    Chantelle and Retha are true professionals in their business of financial planning. They care about their customers wealth and always provide proper advice, valuing all of their clients, big and small. They both serve as inspirations to the community through volunteer work and community efforts.

    Morpheus Graphix
    Cori Inman of Morpheus Graphix prides herself on supporting the promotion of local businesses in addition to their graphic design work. She produces an annual visitor's guide/coupon book and calendar for the area that is used as a fundraising tool for charities, non-profits, schools, sports teams and more. Cori considers her customers an extension of the family, with many of her client base sticking with her since the beginning.  

    Open Skies Media
    Luke Johnson of Open Skies Media designs and builds websites that many of his clients regard as true masterpieces. The design work is meticulous, and very unique and individual for every site. On top of the professional design, hosting and service, a website from Open Skies Media is affordable to a small local business. The service is absolutely amazing and out of this world.

    Summerland District Credit Union
    The Summerland District Credit Union is a co-operative financial institution built on trust, integrity, good service, and community involvement. They provide ongoing training for staff and board members to improve service. Their community support is extensive with their many contributions to local groups and non-for-profit organizations year round.

    Wag Spa
    Jennifer Peters is the owner of Wag Spa, a local dog grooming shop where her clientele receive exceptional service. She has a genuine love for dogs, and always strives to do her best work going above and beyond her duties as a professional groomer.

    Trade Services Excellence Award sponsored by Alder Street Auto Body

    The Trade Services Excellence Award recognizes a tradesperson in the community who has provided superior trades services to a client or customer. This company or business owner has exceeded the expectations of their clients.

    2018 Nominees

    Deputy Diesel Performance 
    Deputy Diesel Performance is an automotive repair and service centre focusing on trucks and diesel engines. As one of the only diesel repair locations in the Okanagan, they pride themselves on their expertise, transparency and commitment to exceptional work, and have become a destination business throughout the entirety of BC. Mark and his team work to continuously develop their skill set while providing exceptional customer service to all of their clients. 

    Manufacturing/Industrial Excellence Award 
    sponsored by Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

    The Manufacturing/Industrial Excellence Award is presented to a business that has strengthened the economic base of Summerland through development, manufacturing or fabrication of a product. Innovation, growth and sustainability are attributes this business demonstrates.

    2018 Nominees

    Noah’s Ark Metal Work
    Luis Rodriguez, of Noah's Ark Metal Work, builds custom iron work such as railings and gates. It is apparent that Luis’s years of experience and fully equipped shop enable him to design and construct his work to meet every customers’ needs. Luis offers a unique combination of metal working talent, design talent and friendly personality that shows his dedication to his clients with enthusiasm.

    John Rousseau Design
    John Rousseau is a skilled craftsman who creates functional works of art using wood, steel, stone, concrete and leather. His furniture showcases the best locally-sourced hardwoods and is of the highest quality. John's attention to detail is impressive. He has the ability to create one-of-a-kind furniture that can transform any room or office.

    Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
    sponsored by IGA Summerland

    The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes a Summerland resident who is 40 years or younger and has shown an entrepreneurial spirit in their dedication and commitment to our community through their interest in business, leadership, peer mentoring and personal achievement.

    2018 Nominees

    Cori Inman - Morpheus Graphix 
    Cori Inman prides herself on supporting the promotion of local businesses in addition to their graphic design work. She produces an annual visitor's guide/coupon book and calendar for the area that is used as a fundraising tool for charities, non-profits, schools, sports teams and more. Cori considers her customers an extension of the family, with many of her client base sticking with her since the beginning.  

    Dustin Minty - Evolution Athletics
    Dustin is committed to health and fitness, and wants to help everyone reach their fitness goals. He values all of his clients, and is very encouraging and upbeat in the gym. The gym is conveniently located downtown, and parents can feel comfortable taking their kids along for a family fitness session.

    Huan Pham - Lakeshore Fitness + Health
    Huan opened Lakeshore Fitness + Health after enjoying visits to Summerland during his youth taekwondo tournaments. When the opportunity to own and operate a fitness training facility in Summerland surfaced, he jumped at the chance to share his knowledge and passion for fitness and training here. Along with his amazing work ethic and dedication to everyone he works with, he has been volunteering his free time to coaching the Summerland Secondary Volleyball teams for the last three years.

    Mike Hughes & Lauren Forsyth - Grasslands Nursery
    Mike and Lauren have worked hard for 4 years to promote sustainable plants and ecosystems. All plant material at Grasslands Nursery is carefully selected to be sustainable, and must either thrive in a xeriscape with minimal water requirements or produce food. Multiple demonstration gardens throughout the nursery show how self-sustaining water and soil are when they work together to create beautiful landscapes. 


    Tourism/Hospitality Excellence Award sponsored by Sumac Ridge Estate Winery

    An individual, business or organization that has promoted Summerland as a tourist destination and that promotion has led to a positive impact on the economic health of our community. This award winner works well with others in the industry and shows leadership by the use of cross-promotions and innovative marketing strategies.

    2018 Nominees

    8th Generation Vineyard
    The team at 8th Generation strives to provide an amazing experience for all guests who visit them. The winery's back story, location and award winning wine bring people in from all over the world. The stories from each of the generations is just as interesting as learning about the wine making itself. Their customer service has come to be widely known across the province, with visitors and locals always leaving with a smile on their face.

    Bead Trails Experience  
    The Bead Trails Experience is a fun, affordable cross marketing and branding service created to promote communities and business brands, while creating a unique experience for visitors globally. Visitors have come to recognize the Bead Trail as they tour throughout the Okanagan, and even further as Bead Trails continues to expand. It is a tremendous draw for visitors, each bead tied to a specific memory of the place that they collected it.

    Donita Dyer: Summerland Bottleneck Drive Wine Association
    Donita has recently filled the role as Bottleneck Drive Coordinator, bringing with her a wealth of experience in marketing, social media, media relations and event management specifically in the wine  and beverage industry. She has jumped in and taken the reigns of the position and has been doing an excellent job of promoting all members of the growing association. The Association and its members are thrilled with her drive and passion and are very excited for the coming tourism season.

    True Grain Bread
    True Grain is a real draw to Summerland due to its unique, ethical and healthy products, and commitment to excellent customer service and community awareness. Their high value products and vibrant storytelling has resulted in True Grain drawing loyal customers from throughout the Okanagan, having recently obtained BC Certified Organic status. Todd and the team at True Grain also support numerous local charities through product donations and monetary contributions, and are always baking up something new in the oven.

    Retail Excellence Award sponsored by the Summerland Review

    Skilled retailing requires an attention for detail in aesthetics, atmosphere, location and merchandise. The Retailing Excellence Award recognizes a retailer who has been proactive to changing market trends, embraced new technology or ideas and has combined skilled marketing with good selling practices. This retailer is a leader in the merchant community. Strong relationships with employees and customers are essential.

    2018 Nominees

    Bead Trails Experience
    Karen Griggs has executed a successful growth strategy and created a retail asset for downtown Summerland through hard work and partnership with other local business. Not only is the Bead Trails store downtown a fun retail experience for everyone, but the 189 other businesses who now carry beads have had their own retail experience enhanced. She also works with local artisans and businesses who share her space downtown, creating a real community asset.

    Summerland Gold and Silver Exchange
    Summerland Gold and Silver Exchange has been a successful business for over 5 years, supporting local artisans and charities, stocking superior products, and leading the charge with excellence in customer service. They are always stocking new and exciting products, and are in the midst of working on expanding to include their new division, Green Gaia Products.
    The Peach Pitt of Summerland

    Opening in 2015, The Peach Pitt has gained traction with its fresh, local produce and homemade items for sale. They have expanded their offerings year after year and developed themselves into a Summerland experience. Sandi has created a wonderful atmosphere at the Peach Pitt, from her handcrafted picnic tables and splendid pumpkin displays, to her homemade canning and popular fruit pies.

    Community Awards

    Award for Excellence in Customer Service sponsored by RE/MAX Orchard Country

    This award will be given to an employee who demonstrates a high standard of customer service in one or all of the following: customer relations, anticipating and meeting customer needs, providing outstanding service, and exceeding expectations.

    2018 Nominees

    Katerina Bakalos-Roshier – Summerland Gold and Silver Exchange/Green Gaia Products
    Katerina has shown tremendous dedication to a new, upcoming and dynamic business, Green Gaia Products, a division of Summerland Gold and Silver Exchange. She spends time with each and every customer taking care of all of their needs, and spends her days evenings and days working with a scientist manufacturing top of the line products. 

    Nicole Haddow - Esthetics by Nicole
    Nicole had been in the beauty industry for 13 years, offering professional and personable services. Her customers love going to see her, as they know they will be getting exactly what they asked for.

    Roch Fortin/Mirjana Komlejenovic – Maple Roch
    Roch and Mirjana are often described as welcoming and enthusiastic, always giving customers a big smile, and a wide ranging tasting of maple products. They are very informative, not-high pressure sales, and are proud to talk about their work involving other citizens in a socially responsible company.  They make a great team, and can often be spotted out and about in Summerland speaking to locals and business owners about their ideas for continual improveme

    Terry Sedawie – RBC
    Terry is a senior account manager with RBC Summerland, and is known for her award winning service, whether she is helping businesses collaborate or volunteering for local youth organizations. Terry is known for regularly going above and beyond in both her professional and personal life and has received RBC's highest honor, the "Leo Award" twice.

    Wanda Barkwill 
    Wanda has provided exemplary service to her clients while a community health worker for Interior Health Authority working in the Summerland area.

    Yolanta Malkovska – 8th Generation Vineyard
    Yolanta is professional and warm, knowledgeable and engaging. She not only provides excellent representation for 8th Generation, she is a valuable part of Summerland's overall tourism experience. Yolanta goes above and beyond for her customers, getting them what they need and tailoring the experience depending on what the customer is looking for.

    The Arts Award

    Nominees in this category may include an individual, a business,  group, organization or a particular event that contributes to a vibrant community by celebrating arts, culture and/or heritage.

    2018 Nominees

    Bead Trails Experience
    As an artist herself, Karen has always supported the arts and showcased the works of local artists and artisans. Bead Trails has also hosted artists on the Summerland Art Walk.  Relocating to larger premises in the Summerland downtown allowed Karen to create ‘ArtVine Creative Spaces’ within the popular Bead Trails Experience Store, which showcases and sells local pieces, hosts a range of classes and workshops and serves as a temporary pop-up space for local artists and artisans.

    Dianne Hildebrand
    Dianne Hildebrand is president of the Summerland Community Arts Council, and helped to develop a well functioning board that represents a wide and inclusive arts community. She is also the current owner of the Ryga house and former home of the now defunct George Ryga Centre. Not only has Dianne restored this historic house and garden, but she has billeted and hosted many visitors, including artists for the Ryga Festival.

    Peter Hay & Dorthea Atwater – Ryga Festival
    Peter and Dorthea are the founders, directors, and driving force behind the Ryga Festival. If not for their dedication, knowledge of the arts world, and personal connection to the Ryga family, the world-class festival would never have been the success that it has become in such a short time. Both are also active members of the Summerland Arts Council, and as directors of the Friends of the Summerland Library Society, they were strong advocates and fundraisers for the new library.

    Rudy Skoreyko- Artisans of the Okanagan
    Rudy provides an outlet for many artists and craftspeople. She works hard and does not take anything extra for herself. She organizes and runs Artisans of the Okanagan with the help of some artisans who volunteer their time. Having an outlet for artisans to sell their work year round and in an inclusive environment is really important to Rudy, as it allows the artisans to produce work that they would not otherwise be able to sell and display.


    Citizen/Volunteer of the Year Award sponsored by Nesters Market

    The Citizen/Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a Summerland individual who has demonstrated exemplary dedication to the people of Summerland and who inspires others by their volunteer commitment to the community. This community leader is motivated by their desire to support Summerland and gives freely of their time, talents and energy in local organizations, festivals and special projects.‚Äč

    2018 Nominees:

    Dan Dinsmore
    Dan Dinsmore is a member of the Summerland & District Credit Unions’ board of directors and sits on its bursary committee. In 2017, Dan initiated the entrepreneurial club for students at Summerland Secondary School to help youth develop their business ideas. He is a founding member and vice-president of the Summerland Refugee Sponsorship Group, and is very active in the arts and culture community, serving as vice-chair of the Cultural Plan Task Force and volunteering for the Ryga Festival.

    Erick Thompson
    Since moving to Summerland in 2011, Erick has fully embraced Summerland living and has become an active member of the community. He serves as the current president of the Summerland Chamber, is on the Ryga Festival Board of Directors, is a member of the Trout Creek Community Association and is the current chair of the Summerland Skatepark Committee. In addition, he has also volunteered his emceeing skills to help with fundraising events for NeighourLink, Ogopogo Bathtub Society, and Summerland Feast of Farms.

    Ingrid Wuensche
    Ingrid has been a Summerland Food Bank volunteer for more than 5 years. She has been fully committed to helping our community for the better, and has made a huge presence with all the amazing changes to the program.

    Mirjana Komljenovic
    Mirjana exceeds expectations when it comes to her many jobs and community involvement. Wherever she is, whether it is as a Rotary member, working for Maple Roch, at a Business After Business or with friends, she always puts others first. She was nominated for the RBC Women of Influence Awards in 2017 and is a member of 100 Women Who Care.

    Sophia Zang
    Sophia is an outstanding citizen who deserves a lot of praise. She baked and delivered 150 cakes to deliver to seniors 80 years and older on their birthdays, to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday and bring joy into their lives and the lives of Summerlanders around her.

    Terry Sedawie
    Terry works tirelessly for every single customer, making them feel like they are her number one priority. She has a can-do attitude and makes sure everyone she deals with feels valued and cared for. She volunteers in any way she can to help the businesses that she works with grow, helping the Summerland Asset Development Initiative, the KVR fundraising efforts, and even dressing up as Elsa for the kids at Festival of Lights.

    Excellence in Community Youth Leadership Award sponsored by Neighbourlink

    The Excellence in Community Youth Leadership Award recognizes a local Secondary School senior student who has demonstrated dedication to the community of Summerland by their volunteer commitements and youth leadership. This young leader is motivated by their desire to support Summerland and gives freely of their time, talents and energy to local groups, festivals and special projects. Nominations can come from anyone in the community and will be voted on by the whole community.

    2018 Nominees

    Grant Mansiere
    Grant has received many outstanding accomplishments while he has been at Summerland Secondary School. He has competed at many different Science Fairs and won several awards at each, and is heavily involved in speech competitions. Grant was the TEDx Penticton Co-curator and was involved with organizing and soliciting sponsors for the event, aiding in booking the event location, and finding speakers for the event.

    Jillian Henrichsen
    Jill is an excellent ambassador at Summerland Secondary school and in the community. She has been a dedicated volunteer to community events like the Giants Head Run, Terry Fox Run and others. She is a Wellness mentor at Summerland Middle School, organizes youth blood drives, and participated in a three week humanitarian trip to Tanzania, Africa. She also coaches basketball to students at Giants Head Elementary in her spare time as well.

    Tiana Ferlizza
    Tiana is very dedicated and committed to Summerland, often performing at community events such as Festival of Lights, ActionFest and the Summerland Fall Fair. Tiana was chosen as the provincial delegate for the Kiwanis Music Festival for the past five years, and has won Fresh BC Quest talent threeseasons. She is very involved with senior leadership at Summerland Secondary school, helping organize workshops for musical theatre kids and participating in the Blossom Pageant program.