• Business Excellence Awards
    Nominees Reception
    Tuesday Feb 19th 
    Summerland Waterfront Resort 
    4:30pm - 7:00pm

    Each year the Summerland Chamber of Commerce holds its Business and Community Excellence Awards Gala, celebrating individuals and businesses who have contributed to the fabric and growth of our community. Their entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and best business practices are to be commended.

    With fifteen separate categories, including Best Business and Citizen of the Year, the Summerland Chamber of Commerce seeks to recognize those who have helped move our community and economic vision forward.

  • Summerland Business and Community Award recipients celebrate their win.
  • Award winners pose for a photo at the 80th Annual Business & Community Award Ceremony.

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  • Here are some scenes from the 77th Annual Awards Gala.

  • 2018 AwardS

    Business Awards

    Business of the Year Award sponsored by the Summerland Credit Union

    The economic health of Summerland is dependent upon the entrepreneurial spirit of our business community. This award recognizes an exceptional Summerland business whose commitment to overall best business practice, customer service, employee relations, superior marketing and social media strategies, and positive public image leads the way and sets an example within our business community. This business is a well respected leader in our community.

    2018 Winner: Maple Roch Pure Canadian Maple Syrup  

    Rising Star/New Business Award
    sponsored by RBC Royal Bank

    This award recognizes a business that has been operating for less than two years. The business has demonstrated strong potential via growth, innovation, and leadership during the first years of operation. Additionally, the business has demonstrated a culture of risk-taking and trailblazing and has positioned itself to achieve similar successes in the future.

    2018 Winner: Union Kitchen Inc.

    Sustainability Leader Award sponsored by Summergate Winery 


    The Sustainability Leader Award recognizes any business that operates in an environmentally responsible manner and/or produces a product that reduces natural resource consumption, supports local community and supports the local economy. This award celebrates excellence in green practice, strategy and products, seeking out the most innovative, ambitious and effective initiatives by Summerland businesses for achieving environmental sustainability, and implementing smart business practice.

    2018 Winner: Swiss Solar Tech Ltd.

    Technology and Innovation Excellence Award sponsored by Accelerate Okanagan

    This award will be given to a business that has used science and/or technology to create a business concept that is new or unique, or has applied innovative improvements to existing processes, products, or services that enhance their business. 

    2018 Winner: Swiss Solar Tech Ltd.

    Award for Excellence in Agriculture
    sponsored by Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive Winery Association 

    This award will be presented to any business, including farms, that has made outstanding contributions to the advancement and or the promotion of the agricultural industry/Summerland's agricultural reputation.

    2018 Nominees: Summerland Sweets

    Professional Services Excellence Award
    sponsored by Brown Benefits

    The Professional Services Excellence Award recognizes a professional in the community who has provided superior professional services to a client or customer. This company or business owner has exceeded the expectations of their clients. The professional represents a diverse group of Summerland businesses and can be defined as someone who has received specific training and specializes in a particular field.

    2018 Winner: Summerland District Credit Union

    Trade Services Excellence Award sponsored by Alder Street Auto Body

    The Trade Services Excellence Award recognizes a tradesperson in the community who has provided superior trades services to a client or customer. This company or business owner has exceeded the expectations of their clients.

    2018 Winner: Deputy Diesel Performance 

    Manufacturing/Industrial Excellence Award 
    sponsored by Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

    The Manufacturing/Industrial Excellence Award is presented to a business that has strengthened the economic base of Summerland through development, manufacturing or fabrication of a product. Innovation, growth and sustainability are attributes this business demonstrates.

    2018 Winner: Noah’s Ark Metal Work

    Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
    sponsored by IGA Summerland

    The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes a Summerland resident who is 40 years or younger and has shown an entrepreneurial spirit in their dedication and commitment to our community through their interest in business, leadership, peer mentoring and personal achievement.

    2018 Winner: Mike Hughes & Lauren Forsyth - Grasslands Nursery

    Tourism/Hospitality Excellence Award sponsored by Sumac Ridge Estate Winery

    An individual, business or organization that has promoted Summerland as a tourist destination and that promotion has led to a positive impact on the economic health of our community. This award winner works well with others in the industry and shows leadership by the use of cross-promotions and innovative marketing strategies.

    2018 Winner: True Grain Bread 

    Retail Excellence Award sponsored by the Summerland Review

    Skilled retailing requires an attention for detail in aesthetics, atmosphere, location and merchandise. The Retailing Excellence Award recognizes a retailer who has been proactive to changing market trends, embraced new technology or ideas and has combined skilled marketing with good selling practices. This retailer is a leader in the merchant community. Strong relationships with employees and customers are essential.

    2018 Winner: BeadTrails Experience

    Community Awards

    Award for Excellence in Customer Service sponsored by RE/MAX Orchard Country

    This award will be given to an employee who demonstrates a high standard of customer service in one or all of the following: customer relations, anticipating and meeting customer needs, providing outstanding service, and exceeding expectations.

    2018 Winner: Roch Fortin/Mirjana Komljenovic - Maple Roch Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

    The Arts Award

    Nominees in this category may include an individual, a business,  group, organization or a particular event that contributes to a vibrant community by celebrating arts, culture and/or heritage.

    2018 Winner: Rudy Skoreyko - Artisans of the Okanagan

    Citizen/Volunteer of the Year Award sponsored by Nesters Market

    The Citizen/Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a Summerland individual who has demonstrated exemplary dedication to the people of Summerland and who inspires others by their volunteer commitment to the community. This community leader is motivated by their desire to support Summerland and gives freely of their time, talents and energy in local organizations, festivals and special projects.‚Äč

    2018 Winner: Mirjana Komljenovic

    Excellence in Community Youth Leadership Award sponsored by Neighbourlink

    The Excellence in Community Youth Leadership Award recognizes a local Secondary School senior student who has demonstrated dedication to the community of Summerland by their volunteer commitments and youth leadership. This young leader is motivated by their desire to support Summerland and gives freely of their time, talents and energy to local groups, festivals and special projects. Nominations can come from anyone in the community and will be voted on by the whole community.

    2018 Winner: Jillian Henrichsen