One Network, One Voice

Advocacy and policy development is one of the core benefits of joining the Summerland Chamber. Together with our network of 120+ Chambers from across the Province and 1000+ Chambers across the Country, we have strength in our network to bring important issues affecting our members to the people and governments that can make a difference.

Our non-partisan approach to collaborating with government is fueled by our very successful and well-established grass-roots policy building process. We take the issues from you, the members, and bring them forward to the appropriate levels of government to find solutions.



Every year, the Summerland Chamber gathers the feedback on important issues effecting our members and we join our “Chamber Network” —made up of corporate members, local chambers, and boards of trade— to develop policies that reflect the needs of B.C. businesses.  

Through our grassroots policy process our membership endorses approximately 70 new policies every year at our Annual General Meeting. The breadth and diversity of our policies reflects our broad-based membership—in any given year we have policy recommendations for almost all B.C.’s provincial government ministries. 

These recommendations serve as our road map—once approved our policies are ‘on the books’ for three years. They inform our pan-provincial advocacy efforts and the advocacy efforts of local chambers for regional-specific issues.

When we work together within our networks, we unify the voice of local business with those across the province and the country, giving us a stronger presence at the table.

The Summerland Chamber is proud to represent our members interests on the issues that matter most to you.

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The BC Chamber of Commerce is pleased to release Focusing Forward, 2022-2023 Policy and Positions Manual (Focusing Forward) today which contains 55 policy statements and positions adopted by members at the provincial association’s 70th Annual General Meeting and Conference on June 7-9, 2022, in Prince George and online. You can read the news release here.



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