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Maple Roch

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Blending passion with the tradition and purity of Canadian maple syrup, Maple Roch is a British Columbia-based farm to table enterprise, dedicated to offering maple syrup in its purest, most natural form.

Our maple syrup is single forest meaning it comes from one forest and it is not mixed with other syrups or fillers. This allows our maple syrup to taste just as it should; as if it were harvested from the tree and boiled right in front of you.

Maple Roch syrup is Canada's best organic, single forest maple syrup and is harvested by the same dedicated families year after year.

Based in Summerland, British Columbia, we are proud to offer the highest quality organic maple syrup, whose flavour is a true Canadian experience.

What Makes Our Maple Syrup Different
While over 90% of Canadian maple syrup is produced in Quebec, most of our small batch maple syrup is produced in Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick; a town of approx. 2200 people. Saint-Quentin is found in the Appalachian Mountains, where sugar maple trees grow naturally in ancient forests embedded in the rich, moist montane soils. This location provides a soil profile that is perfect for growing sugar maples, as they require deep, moist, well-drained acidic soil.

Most of our maple syrup is harvested by maple-harvesting families in Saint-Quentin who produce the highest possible quality single-blend, organic maple syrup for Maple Roch.

It is also important to note that we offer single forest maple syrup, which is hard to find.
Commercial maple syrup is typically mixed with other syrups and sugar fillers to produce quantity over quality. Maple Roch syrup is never mixed with sugars or fillers and you can taste that difference.
Phone: +1 7785167624
Street: 13224 Victoria Road N
City: Summerland